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Solid Leggings + Capri’s

There's nothing quite like throwing on a pair of comfortable leggings to start your day. Our Dream Leggings gives you the perfect fit every time! Find the stretch and flexibility you need for everyday activities or a solid workout. These versatile leggings are made with quality materials and fitted fabrics that shape your legs for a flattering figure. Explore our variety of colors and materials today!

We offer a Rainbow of color selections to choose from, in our Solids category! Whether you love the full length Leggings for all-year wear, (which you can also easily transform your full length or "long" leggings into cropped Capri's simply by pulling up the ankle hem to your desired length, then folding/smoothing the excess fabric over the hem.. Voila! Two-in-one!) Or if you prefer the shorter true Capri length Dream Leggings, we have you covered, literally in COLORS of your "Dreams"! (You can also wear our Capri's year-round with a pair of tall boots in the Fall and Winter!)

*NEW! We now offer “Yogi’s” - Yoga waist in select colors and lengths. The Yoga waistband will be either the 3” or 5” wide panel, which will be in the descriptions, when available. These “Yogi’s” are made of the same exact Buttery Soft and Magical fabric as our original Dream Leggings, and the fit is the same as well. 

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