EXCLUSIVE! - #2 Burberry Plaid Leggings

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Our #2 Burberry Plaid Leggings are a khaki, tan, black, ivory, and red classic Scottish Plaid printed leggings. Limited  sizes available, only 1-2 pair left in Pluxe 3X/4X size! 
Our Exclusive Pluxe size yoga leggings are cut slightly bigger than our usual Pluxe 3/4X, so even though they still fit 3X, the amazing stretch allows the sizing to be more generous. 

Introducing Dream Leggings brand NEW line made by our own manufacturer, with all unique designs! These are all designed by us at Dream Leggings and created exclusively for YOU, our wonderful customers! These Yoga Leggings are our NEWEST, classiest Fall printed Leggings you won’t find anywhere else! They are made of the highest standard in materials, including our special new 4” yoga waist and unbelievable seam stitching! Our new line of Exclusive Leggings are stronger, more durable, and uniquely comfortable!

After almost 5 years of carefully listening to our loyal customers and researching, testing, and traveling to the ends of the earth, we have finally nailed THE Dream Legging! These are so amazing, Y’all will LOVE these! They are prettier, better fitting, and all around the best we have ever had. 

Our new prints you will not see ANYWHERE ELSE, as they are EXCLUSIVE to Dream Leggings™️. 

Unless otherwise noted, all of our exclusive leggings have a 4” yoga waist. 

*Join our VIP GROUP to help us pick out our next designs! You can basically custom design your perfect legging, simply by requesting what you want, and if we can get just a couple of others in the group to also want the same design (which there are almost 10k members in there, lol) we will special design and order them at no extra charge! What other leggings company can do THAT?! 

EXCLUSIVE! - #2 Burberry Plaid Leggings - Leggings
EXCLUSIVE! - #2 Burberry Plaid Leggings - Leggings
EXCLUSIVE! - #2 Burberry Plaid Leggings - Leggings
EXCLUSIVE! - #2 Burberry Plaid Leggings - Leggings

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