EXCLUSIVE Leggings - In Stock Now

Introducing Dream Leggings Exclusive Leggings, IN-STOCK NOW! This is where you’ll find higher quality leggings, classy and unique designs sourced by our own manufacturer, with all UNIQUE designs! These are all designed by us at Dream Leggings and created exclusively for YOU! 
The Exclusive prints in this Collection are ALL IN STOCK NOW! No need in waiting on Preorders to arrive! 

EXCLUSIVE PREORDERS - Order Separately from All other Collections and In-Stock items, please. These are special orders, exclusively designed and created for Dream Leggings™️. 
Shipping time takes a bit longer to receive these, so please understand the request for separate ordering.
IT IS EXTREMELY CRUCIAL you follow this step! It will expedite your order so much faster, as well as help prevent any confusion in the busy warehouse! 
(We simply cannot hold everyone’s partial orders, as we wait for the exclusives to arrive, as we only have so much storage space! With   
Production and Shipping times vary, with the holidays taking the longest, up to 4 weeks. For the rest of the year though typically takes approximately 2-3 weeks for us to receive them. Sometimes sooner, depending on if we can get enough people in our  Thank you for your cooperation and patience! You will NOT be sorry! 

After almost 5 years of carefully listening to our loyal customers and researching, testing, and traveling to the ends of the earth, we have finally nailed THE Dream Legging! These are so amazing, I guarantee you will LOVE these! They are more durable, better fitting, and all around the best we have ever had. 
And hey, if you get them and decide you don’t like them, no worries! We will be happy to accept your return, per our Return Policy. (I highly doubt you will want to take them off though! Hehe!)

The sizing of our new Exclusive Line includes Regular, Plush, and Pluxe 3X. Please know that this new Line of Leggings has more flexibility, size wise. Regular fits up to size 14, Plush fits sizes 14-20, and Pluxe fits up to 4X. The waistband is made of a 3” yoga band that is high-waisted and give great tummy support! 

Our new prints you will not see ANYWHERE ELSE, as they are EXCLUSIVE to Dream Leggings™️. 

Be sure to join our VIP Group to vote on our newest releases of prints that will be posted weekly. We ask for our members feedback, in what styles and prints they would like to see on our next rounds! 

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